4 Easy Bar Bets You Can Learn In Minutes

I think it’s time to share more ways to make money with your friends. The following four proposal bets are my favorite. As always, bar pgslot bet, proposal bets and bets are just jokes. Or cheating money is at stake, they should make it clear that once your friends know the secret, they will get everything they lost and only bet on losses that your friends can afford. Which is higher? Paint on a roller coaster Image: Shutterstock To do this, you need a pint glass, a stack of thick drink coasters (mats), a napkin, and lots of noise.

I do this in a bar, where the roller coasters are very close, or grab a bunch and bring them to the table. I asked someone which one they thought was bigger, the circumference of the pint glass or the height of the glass. Many people will tell the height immediately, but a smart person may infer that the two may be similar and bet on the girth. So in order to make it interesting, I added a few coasters under the glass to increase the height. Now the height of the glass plus the coaster needs to be higher, so that people tend to bet on the height. Then I add more coasters until the combined height is significantly greater than the distance around the mouth of the cup. In this process, it is up to you to coax people to place bets. I often use it as evidence, even if the odds are clearly beneficial to people, they are too afraid to make a simple bet, even a low bet like the price of a drink, and try all of them. I am willing to bet for any cup height. People pay 2/1.

Explain why you can’t lose. Eventually people will bet that the height of a glass of wine or a pound of pgslot winner (plus coasters) is greater than the circumference of the glass mouth. Here, you can make fun of others a little bit, but also make it clear that the only way to understand what is happening is to place a bet. Using a napkin, measure the height of the glass on the top of the coaster, then move the glass to the bar and measure the circumference. Until you can safely place how many coasters under the glass, the perimeter will always be much larger than the height of the glass itself, even more than when combined with coasters.

This also applies to tall and thin glasses (cannot add as many coasters as possible), but always check first just in case. Traveling olives in a bowl. Photo: Shutterstock. This is an old man, a gift, and an opportunity to deceive someone who knows the secret. When going to a bar or pub or a friend’s house, take a black thread and a piece of tape in your pocket (I used to wrap a little around the credit card and then stick the tape on the card, which is easy), take it out and use it. Secure the thread secretly to the bottom of the beer mat, and then put the coaster back on the table. As long as it is a dark surface, the line will not be exposed.

Otherwise, place the coaster close to the edge of the table so the rope hangs on the edge and can be easily grasped later. A great opportunity to have fun with people, even if they know the bet (or can solve it). The challenge was to move the olives from the roller coaster to another roller coaster a few inches away from the roller coaster, and their hands did not touch the olives. The only thing they can use is a glass of brandy, but they can only flip once (end-to-end). The secret is to hang the glass upside down on the trump card and place ituna in the cup holder, and then make a circle with the glass until the olive is pushed against the glass, rotating inside due to a circular motion. Now you can move the glass and still make these circles, to the other cup where the olive falls, and successfully complete your course later.

Doing some pgslot game at home will show how the circular motion can bring the olive to the glass as it turns inward, and the motion is easy to maintain when you move to the second roller coaster. What about that thread? Whether you meet someone who already knows this bet or decide to prank someone who has just learned the bet, this thread is a great way to quickly place another bet. Once they have collected the olives in the glass, wait until they approach the second roller coaster and slowly pull the rope to move the roller coaster away! This will surprise them so much that they will stop spinning or destroy it so that the olives (or flies) will fall out. There is no need to hide the line; show it to everyone and bow (and a few free drinks)

3. Seven glasses and three glasses of three glasses Image: Shutterstock This is such a simple bet, but it is one of my favorite bets because of it Won a free lunch for me several times. When you arrive at a coffee shop or restaurant, order three small glasses and exchange them for a dollar or a pound (or anything else). You have 10 identical coins. Tell your victim that they need to use all 10 coins and three glasses, and they must put an odd number of coins in each glass. Tell them that if they can do it, you will buy dinner, if they can’t, they will have to buy yours.

The secret is simple, but be prepared for a complaint: put three coins in two cups before stacking one. , Put four coins in the third cup and three coins in the glass with four coins. Now contains three coins and the other contains seven (total)! Four. Image of hat trick in the bar: Shutterstock If you wear a hat, this is an interesting bet, but be prepared to avoid the occasional slap or fist.

Cover the full glass with your hat and then pick up a straw on top It says you can drink the glass without touching the hat. Give your fool time to consider all the options, and then after the bet is accepted, lean against the table with a straw and make a sound as if you are drinking with a straw. Say "Done!" Wait for someone to raise their hat to prove you wrong, and once they do, pick up the cup and drink! Do what you say, you never need to touch your hat.

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