Review of Slots of Dosh

Moulah, wonga, readies, cheddar, quids, dollars, Benjamins, and deceased presidents… the list of money-related slang terms is lengthy and, in some situations, baffling or amusing. We can add dosh to that list, but it seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years. Nonetheless, it is a well-known word in the British Isles, and one that everyone will recognize, even if they do not use it much these days.

As such, by calling this online casino website Slots of Dosh when it was launched in 2011, the makers are obviously communicating with us. To begin, this is a UK-centric service. Second, it’s as grounded as preconceptions of driving a white van and drinking at the neighborhood Labour club. Finally, there is a lot of money to be won by participating in the casino’s games, which probably include slots.

Is it Paris or Las Vegas?!

Perhaps perplexingly, when the site loads for the first time, there is a significant absence of salt of the Earth Briton on the page. At first look, the static backdrop picture seems to portray Paris, France’s capital, until you realize it’s really a photo of Las Vegas, complete with a false Eiffel Tower and sparkling casino skyline. Of course, this is unsurprising—Slots of Dosh is unmistakably a casino website—but it is inconsistent with the brand’s overall name and stance.

With that point aside, it’s easy to tell that this is rather current. The design is simple and well-organized, making it simple to discover what you’re searching for. The primary slider graphic really functions as a slider, scrolling through a variety of games you may be interested in playing while promoting the mobile website along the way. It accomplishes exactly what it should.

One thing that is immediately noticeable is the lack of any reference to offers and promotions – while most casino websites place these, or at least a few of them, in the slider bar due to its prominence, given the rest of this homepage’s design, we believe this is less of an oversight and more due to the fact that they don’t need to sell this one on a sign up bonus. With all of our assumptions established, let us see whether we are proved accurate.

To the Olympic Games

If you click on the Games button at the top of the webpage, you’ll be transported to a section that details the offers available to new members. The top picture is really an advertising for the primary sign-up deal, which includes a £100 Welcome Gift, but more on that later. As you scroll down, you’ll get a sense of the pleasures you might spend your newly acquired funds on. This alone is a significant improvement over a large number of casino and even bingo websites, who seem to believe it is appropriate to need you to join up first and then ask you about the games available afterwards.

Finally, although this is not a ground-breaking decision, it is a rather excellent one. There are a plethora of slots to pick from, which makes us really delighted as avid slot enthusiasts. Some classic favorites are included — Starburst, Cleopatra, Jimi Hendrix, and Ghostbusters are just a few that instantly stand out, and all are in excellent condition. Overall, the slots are rather modern, however it is unclear if any are futuristic 3D or virtual varieties.

Visit a Casino

This is when things begin to deviate somewhat from the norm. As you’ve already gathered, initial (and second) impressions of Slots of Dosh are rather favorable, however the Casino section is decidedly missing. And it’s not ideal given that this is a casino website, not a slots one.

Thus, you are left with just three possibilities, which is quite limiting. Worse still, two of them are Roulette and the remaining one is Blackjack, which means Poker is totally absent. When it comes to full-range casinos, poker is the most popular game in this workplace, and as such, the individuals behind this one have undoubtedly fallen up and lost some points.

Instant Selections

Additionally, the selection of Instant Games is somewhat limited. Indeed, they provide just one game, Noughts and Crosses. While we have never seen this one in our years of analyzing casino websites, it does not mean we are completely delighted with this choice. Simply add a handful more and this section of the website will no longer seem so desolate. It is only a suggestion, but one worth considering.

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